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Rabbit Housing Guide

Things haven't moved very far from Victorian times when rabbits were kept in small hutches and used for food.  Replace 'hutch' with 'housing' and move your thoughts to playhouses, sheds, kennels and rooms in the house.  Luckily things are changing and there are companies selling much more suitable accommodation and many owners who now give their bunnies the environment they need. 

If you don't know where to look it is pretty hard to find a 6' hutch for sale, let alone anything bigger.  Google 'large rabbit hutch' and not much over 6' comes up but A LOT of promises do ... "The largest hutches on the internet", "Extra large hutches" etc but when you get to the website they are tiny prisons that no rabbit should have to spend any time in.​  So where do you go from there?

The RPSCA and The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) minimum size for a pair of rabbits is 60sq foot of space.  

The pictures below show the minimum size required of a 6' x 2' hutch attached to an 8' x 6' run, but you can provide this is any number of ways. 

Large rabbit hutch and run
Large rabbit house and run

Buying runs is slighter easier because you can buy two small ones and join them together.  The RSPCA minimum runs size is 8' x 6' and preferably 3' high and needs to be safe, sturdy and fox-proof.  The metal ones for sale online and in pet shops are not approved for RSPCA adoptions because they are flimsy and foxes (and bunnies) can easily lift them up and get under.

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