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Environment Policy


We try to be as eco-conscious as possible within the constraints of the business.

For our packaging we use brown paper, recycled newspaper blanks, and Natureflex or Cellulose bags.   

We are phasing out the cellulose bags for most of our products and now use paper bags from a UK company based in Wiltshire.  Paper Bag Co

Our paper packaging is saved by friends, neighbours and local businesses and we collect on a regular basis.

The labels on our packaging are printed with oil-based inks.


Some of our dried vegetable and fruit products have a desiccant enclosed to keep the moisture away, these are clay beads in a paper packet and are biodegradable.

As a business we receive our stock in various types of packaging which often includes bubble wrap.  Rather than waste this by throwing it away we will re-use it to package some orders.  We hope you will also be able to re-use this so it has a much longer and more productive life!

For every sale we plant a tree!

It goes without saying that as a company we invest a lot of research into our products, sourcing as close to home as we can but the UK does not grow most of our products commercially so unfortunately we have to look to Europe and sometimes further afield, for our supplies. If we only stocked UK produced products we would not have enough to fill the shop!  So, with this very much in mind we have joined Ecologi, a company forming global partnerships with organisations planting trees and other projects to offset carbon emissions.  

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