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We know bunnies - what they like, what they need and what they don't.

Twig & Nibble is the end result of a decade of rabbit related experience and a distilling of a decade of bunny care and rehabilitation.

I started as 'The Warren Bunny Boarding', renamed Wildacre Warren, offering quality holiday boarding facilities as well as a hard-won wealth of experience and knowledge. It was also the location of RSPCA Guildford & Epsom branch foster rabbit accommodation for around 8 years through which 100s of rescue rabbits were single-handedly rehabilitated, bonded and re-homed by myself. I started selling fresh apple twigs online to my Facebook followers... and the rest is history. As the shop took off I decided to close Wildacre Warren to holiday boarders and 'retired' from our rescue branch so as to concentrate on Twig & Nibble.  

In 2020 I made the decision to reduce the number of bunnies here to zero - a sad decision - but necessary as life changes and other things take priority.  I've had lots of my own bunnies over the years but here last of all were Joe & Cloud and Dudley & Tulip.  When Joe passed away Cloud went to live with a new man, then Tulip was next to leave for the fields above and in 2022 it was Dudley's turn.  More than a decade of bunnies to none ... which is why I now have one large 10' boarding shed still available to my old clients - just to get my bunny fix and a few ready models for the shop!


I know bunnies - what they like, what they need and what they don't. I've had every (almost!) product on the market and I know what breaks, if it's too small, too flimsy or a waste of money so you can shop with confidence knowing your bunnies will (hopefully) love their new treats and toys.

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