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Food for healthy, happy bunnies.

Rabbit forage and enrichment is our passion! At Twig & Nibble we are dedicated to bringing you everything you need to give your rabbits a healthy, natural diet combining safe 'boredom breaker' toys with forage, herbs and flowers. We also stock handmade treats with only the simplest of ingredients. Welcome to the shop!

Rabbit enjoying fresh leaves
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Healthy rabbit food from Twig & Nibble

Twigs & Nibbles

Roots, fresh twigs, dried vegetables to nibble and gnaw on.

Rabbit food from Twig & Nibble


Dried leaves, flowers and tasty herbs to add interest to the diet.

Natural rabbit treats from Twig & Nibble


A range of all natural treats using the healthiest and tastiest ingredients.

Enrichment ball for rabbits from Twig & Nibble


Natural, safe wooden and basket-ware products to engage and stimulate.

pea flakes

Guinea Pig Corner

 Healthy, tasty and all natural forage and treats specially chosen for your piggies.

Hay racks and enrichment from Twig & Nibble


Dishes, baskets and things for you and your bunnies.

5kg ribwort and dandelion forage

Bulk Forage

Larger quantities of all your favourites up to 5kg

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Gift Cards

Send a gift card and let them choose their own goodies.

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