The Giant Snooze Box

The Giant Snooze Box


Giant snooze box for bigger buns.


  • About the box

    Can't find a big enough box for your big boofy bun? We have developed this giant one that should be a perfect fit or more fun for smaller bunnies. Combine with our regular size box for more snoozability.

    The best bunny hideaways have two holes - an entry and exit and the ability to be able see as much as possible whilst feeling enclosed and safe.  We think we've cracked it with our design!

    The sides are interchangeable so you can have the holes either left or right and it is easy to assemble and take apart for travel or storage.

    The top holds everything in place whilst creating a flat surface for jumping up on.

    Dimensions: L58cm x W39cm x H38cm
    Doorway holes are 28cm diameter

  • Product info

    - 6mm BB/BB Eco Poplar Plywood
    - Made with non-toxic Soyad glue, which is environmentally friendly
    - NAF (No Added Formaldehyde)
    - Product Standard: EN 636-1
    - Glue Bond: EN 314-2 Class 1 (Interior)
    - Improves air quality in enclosures
    - Safe to chew and nibble
    - Sourced from PEFC certified suppliers