Marshmallow stalks

Marshmallow stalks


100g marshmallow stalks


Marshmallow stalks are a perfect nibble treat for rabbits & guinea pigs, they have a soft, almost velvety bark and some are up to 15cm long. The stalks make a great hand feeding treat, or they can be mixed in with hay to promote foraging.

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  • Did you know....

    Yes, you are correct in thinking about the fluffy confectionary! Although marshmallows do not contain the extract of the marshmallow plant, this was not always so. In actual fact, the plant was directly responsible for the invention of marshmallows – and it was the French, not the Americans, who did it. They used beaten egg whites, sugar and the sticky contents of the marshmallow plant’s root to produce pâte de guimauve, the predecessor to the treat we know today.

    It is a beautiful flowering plant, native to western Europe and North Africa, which has had an important place in human culture for millennia. The root was boiled and eaten as a vegetable by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It has also been used medicinally for just as long. The root contains a slimy sap that humans aren’t able to digest. When eaten, it passes through the digestive system and leaves behind a soothing coating. Even today the plant is used for a wide variety of medical ailments.