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Hyacinth Tunnel - large

Hyacinth Tunnel - large


Large tunnel made from water hyacinth.  Great for chewing!

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    Tunnel measures 30cm x 20cm

    This 100% natural water hyacinth tunnel is the perfect boredom breaker for rabbits, piggies and other small furries.  Fill with hay and forage for a fun toy, or bedding for piggies.  It is safe to gnaw and provides a whole load of entertainment.


  • Did you know

    Water Hyacinth (Pontederia crassipes) is a very invasive aquatic plant found in tropical climates.  Luckily it is extremely useful and is woven into basket ware, shoes, furniture etc. Bunnies love the taste and it is safe to chew.

    It shouldn't be confused with the very spring common UK plant Hyacinthus which is a is a small genus of bulbous, spring-blooming perennials. These are poisonous to consume.  Water hyacinth however is entirely safe.

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