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Hyacinth Loafing Baske

Hyacinth Loafing Basket


A fantastic basket for holding hay or bunnies!

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    Water Hyacinth (Pontederia crassipes) is a very invasive aquatic plant found in tropical climates.  Luckily it is extremely useful and is woven into basket ware, shoes, furniture etc. Bunnies love the taste and it is safe to chew.

    It shouldn't be confused with the very spring common UK plant Hyacinthus which is a is a small genus of bulbous, spring-blooming perennial in the family Asparagaceae.  These are poisonous to consume.


  • Product Info....

    Most bunnies love to nibble water hyacinth..... these baskets are perfect for holding hay, or a snooze spot.

    Made from 100% plant material they have no staples, wire, string or glue and are completely safe for total bunstruction!

    They measure 36cm x 28cm x 12cm.

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