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Greetings Card 5 Pack

Greetings Card 5 Pack


A pack of five A6 greetings cards with envelopes. Blank inside

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    Joe Henlo was the only rescue  I weakened over.  He was brought to me by a concerned friend of his owner.  He had been kept in a small hutch and overfed for years result

    He was HUGE - fat, dirty, smelly and very sore with a nasty anal papiloma, a lop-sided face and ears always at 5pm. 

     We sorted him out with surgery and after began the transformation of his physique.  With months of good food and a lot of space to exercise in he gradually because 'his best self' and was ready for a new home.  The first bond didn't work out neither did the next and then it hit me that I was glad ... he was staying.  The only one of 100s that got right into my heart and lodged themselves there.  He was not sicker or more damaged than many others that had passed through Wildacre Warren but .... I properly loved him.

    He bonded with fluffy Cloud and she adored him - him, not so much. She groomed and ministered to him, he ignored her,  but they were happy in their own way.

    One day Joe went quiet.  The next morning I found him laid out cold.  I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful way for him to go.  He'd just been here long enough.

    My friend, artist Rosalinda Kightley, captured Joe & Cloud in a series of greetings cards - which go on sale at Christmas.