3kg UK Grown Timothy Hay

3kg UK Grown Timothy Hay


Our boxes measure 45cm x 30c x 30cm and hold 3kg of gorgeous Timothy hay. 
​Hay should look green, smell fragrant, be clean from harmful spores and be hard enough to wear the teeth by just the right amount.   Our Timothy hay is all of this and more!

For those of you who have outside bunnies and find the 'sack and drag' method of storage/delivery to bunnies the most useful we are offering FREE plastic sacks which can be added to your hay box. 

Our herbs and forage are delivered in these sacks and we think this is a fantastic re-use of them!

They will be available as and when we have them.

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3kg Timothy Hay Box
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  • Why our hay is different....

    Isn't hay just dried grass? Most hay is cut and then left to dry in the field before it is baled.Ours is different. It is cut and gathered within 24 hrs and taken to a specially designed barn to finish drying to the magic 12% moisture. When it's ready it is baled and ready for sale. You know that musty back-note that some hays have? That's from mould spores in the hay which grow when it has been baled direct from the field and is not at the optimum 12% moisture content. Any damper and the spores can develop.You can smell the difference in the process with our hay!

  • Packaging

    The boxes are double-walled and can be re-used to make a  bunny house when empty - because what bunny doesn't like a box and these are even strong enough to stand on as well (bunnies, not a humans!)