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Food for healthy, happy bunnies.

We are dedicated to promoting a healthy and more natural diet for your rabbits. We sell dried herbs and natural treats, packs of dried flowers and forage basics as well as creating some unique and tempting treat boxes using seasonally dried plants and flowers.

Fresh apple twigs for rabbits


Seasonally available apple, pear and willow twigs and fresh leaves.

Roots and forage for rabbits


Roots, dried vegetables, and things to nibble and gnaw on.

Dried forage for rabbits


Dried leaves, flowers and tasty herbs to add interest to the diet.

natural treats-n.b


A range of all natural treats using only the healthiest and tastiest ingredients.

enrichment rabbit-n.b


Natural, safe wooden and basket-ware products to engage and stimulate.

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Limited Editions

Creative and inventive products using seasonally grown forage and flowers.

Wooden rabbit design dish


Dishes, baskets and things for you and your bunnies.

Timothy hay for rabbits


Sweet smelling UK grown Timothy hay delivered in 3kg boxes.

Wooden hideaway house for rabbits


Wooden hides, storage and bunny-themed items for your their home.


Send one to some bunny so they can choose their own goodies

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Feeding Guide

Your guide to a healthy diet for your bunnies.


Our Hay

Find out what makes our hay so special.

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